Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Wow of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico

We took an Un-Cruise Adventures cruise of Mexico's Sea of Cortez in February and loved it.  We saw whales every day, and also enjoyed the times that we landed by zodiac on pristine, isolated beaches, such as this one.
We were delighted to see the unusual star fishes in the Sea of Cortez.  This was also the first trip where my husband and I each had our own underwater cameras rather than trying to share.  Separate cameras was a much better arrangement.
The small cruise ship had a staff of young people who were naturalists and great sources of information about marine life such as this sea anemone.  I wish I had taken better notes to remember more of what they taught us.
The rocky coastline of Baja California had lots of tide pools.  Our cruise ship is in the background.  It held only about 50 guests, which is a great size for adventure cruise ships, rather than the giant ships where there is standing in line with crowds at times.
On the last full day of the cruise we swam with sea lions.  You can see some people in the background as we all marveled at this underwater ballet.

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glenda said...

This was a great opportunity to be able to snorkel in these areas with such few people. You got some great shots! The first photo of the beach looked very inviting!

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