Monday, September 1, 2014

Daily Life in Ethiopia

Ethiopians are a deeply religious people, with most of them Christians.  They have distinct traditions, as reflected by the shapes of their crosses.
The streets of Ethiopian towns can be crowded with vendors, donkeys and lots of colorfully dressed people shopping for a wide array of goods that can be found among street vendors.
If one wants to hang a blanket on a wall, what better way to enable it to stay up than to tie a few rocks to the blanket and toss them over the other side?
School children in Ethiopia typically go to school for half days, so at lunch time there is a shift change with some kids arriving and others leaving.  It is common to see school children tending goats for the rest of the day.
Ping pong tables on the side of the roads in front of shops and houses are a common sight in small towns.
This is not Arizona's Grand Canyon.  It is the Blue Nile Gorge.  It reminded us a little of home, although the area gets more rainfall and has greener vegetation than our home state of Arizona.  The Blue Nile Gorge can be visited on a day trip from the Ethiopia's capitol city, Addis Ababa.  The countryside is beautiful, which green hills that resembled Tuscany..

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glenda said...

Those ping pong tables are a great idea! Really like your first photo of the man with the cross.

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