Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Sights of Guatemala in Chichi and Guatemala City

The Chichi market, held on Thursdays and Sundays, is one of Guatemala's most popular tourist attractions.  Chichi is short for Chichicastenango.  This vendor is taking away the straw mat that he used for his stall.  The sign painted on the wall gives notice that they have bathrooms with hot water.
We enjoyed a Sunday visit to Guatemala City.   Our local guide in Antigua, the charming town where we stayed, said that the weekends were the only time to visit Guatemala City because traffic is much less than trying to see the city during a work day.
Cities have a much different feel on weekends than during the week.  People are usually more relaxed and engaging in a wider variety of activities.  The vendor above is waiting for some customers to walk by.
The chicken motifs might create the impression that this building is a restaurant specializing in serving chicken, but that is not the case, as is apparent below.
The rooster motifs painted on the outside of the building above are actually the logo for a popular Guatemalan beer.

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glenda said...

I like that logo. Did you try that beer?

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