Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gorgeous Croatia

This week we are featuring the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  This is St. Stefan, which technically is located in Montenegro rather than Croatia.  It is a 15th Century fortified town, built to defend against the Turks, that was acquired by the Yugoslav government under Marshall Tito, and converted into a luxury resort.  It sits at the end of a narrow spit of land, similar to Mt. St. Michel in France.
The towns along the Dalmation Coast have delightful seaside promenades with cafes to enjoy the sunny weather.  This photo happens to be Hvar, an island off the coast.  A small ship is the ideal way to visit this area, as the coast is a rugged patchwork of islands, peninsulas and travel by land would be difficult.  It is much better simply to wake up in a new, delightful place each morning.
In the basement of Diocletian's Palace in Split we caught this nun checking her cell phone in the middle of a flower show.  Diocletian's Palace goes back to Roman times, but has lots of medieval features and is even used today for housing, as parts of it have been converted to apartments and people live within the palace walls.
The architectural details give incentive to notice the small points of the grand buildings.
This is a view of the architecture of Split.  The buildings show the influences of the centuries that the Venetian Republic ruled the area.   Stone is the primary building material, as the landscape and soil in the area is very rocky.

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glenda said...

This looks like the perfect get away spot. Would love to spend a few days at that first photo.

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