Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scenic Sea of Cortez in Mexico

Today we are showing some photos from a cruise in the Sea of Cortez along the east coast of Baja California.  This is Roca Solitaria, or Solitary Rock, at the entrance to Agua Verde Bay.  This is a nice spot for snorkeling.  We took zodiac boats from our small cruise ship to this rock and then swam completely around it to look at the marine life in the shallow waters.
This is a sunflower starfish.  We had never seen these before our cruise in the Sea of Cortez.
This is our naturalist guide displaying a starfish during our swim around Roca Solitario.  The cruise we took was on a ship operated by Un-Cruise Adventures.  The naturalist guides were excellent, knowledgable, helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic.  
Our cruise during February was a whale watching cruise, and, indeed, we saw whales every day.  We also noticed the small patterns of nature and geology, such as this rock.
One day we sent snorkeling with sea lions.  It was a thrill.  They swam all around us performing acrobatic tricks.  David and I bought new underwater cameras before this trip, and are very glad that we did.  We bought Nikon 1 AW-1 cameras, which are a waterproof version of the Nikon 1 camera.  It was very handy to be able to turn the lens barrel for framing a photo rather than using a button to zoom in and out on smaller point-and-shoot underwater cameras.


glenda said...

The camers were a good investment. Gorgeous star-fish

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