Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Diverse Architecture of Budapest

The colored tiles of the Matyas Church reflect the many changes of this landmark.  The original church was built beginning in the 13th century.  It was named after the King who enlarged the church.  It was converted to a large mosque by the Turkish invaders in 1541 and heavily damaged during the libration of Buda.
This was our delightful view across the Danube from our room at the Marriott Hotel.  Chain Bridge is in the foreground.  Matyas Church is at the top left.
A rampart on Fishwerman's Bastion is reflected in a wind of the Hilton Hotel.
This is a church tower in the town of Szentendre, a popular and charming village about 20 km north of Budapest.  The architecture of the town was influenced by Serbian settlers who founded the town after fleeing from the Ottoman Turkish occupation of their homeland centuries ago.
The altar is he center of attention of most churches, but I also like to check out the organs.  Often they are not well lit and it is hard to et good photos of dark organs in a distant balcony, particularly without a tripod.  fortunately, the ordain in this church had attractive and plentiful lighting.


Memphis MOJO said...

Beautiful series. I was in Budapest in 1970 when it was still behind the Iron Curtain.

glenda said...

Such an interesting place to visit, enjoyed your beautiful photos very much!

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