Sunday, July 14, 2013

Photo: Tanzania Lioness and More

We travelled to Tanzania during February, so the grasses were high and green.  That obscured the view of some animals, but it enhanced the color of the scenes in the animals that we did see, such as this lion.
This looks like the coyotes that we see at home in Arizona.
The scene above is typical of villages in Tanzania.  Buildings are plain and simple, but are often dressed up with bold paint colors.
Although African wildlife is the major attraction for visitors to Tanzania, but tropical plants are also worthy of study.
We took a small plan from a dirt runway in the Western Serengeti back to Arusha.  This provided early morning views of the clouds that enshrouded Mount Kilimanjaro.


Judy said...

This is a nice selection of pictures. The flower is beautiful, like nothing I have seen.

glenda said...

Never tire of looking at the animals in Tanzania.

Sharon said...

I love seeing your wildlife photos from this trip. You got some fantastic shots.

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