Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adare, Ireland's Most Charming Town

 Adare is described as Ireland's prettiest town, although I prefer the adjective charming.  The scene above is Desmond Castle, a 13th Century feudal castle on the outskirts of town.
 Our guidebook said that cynics refer to Adare as the most charming English village in Ireland.  It does resemble English villages.
 The thatched roofs on cottages are disappearing, as they are expensive to replace and there are a small number of artisans who are skilled in their installation.
 I like to look for quiet corners of churches and cathedrals.  This is a a photo of the Roman Catholic Church.  Many of the Roman Catholic churches in Ireland are built in a gothic style, but they were built in the 1800's because all of the old churches were converted to the Church of Ireland after Henry VIII split from the Pope, and they have remained Protestant ever since, thereby necessitating new construction of Catholic churches when the English government allowed it.
In order for Adare to maintain its charming appearance that appeals to tourists, obviously people must keep sprucing up the town with fresh paint, as this gentleman was doing.  Adare is located in Southwest Ireland, not too far from Shannon.   There are several golf resorts in and just outside Adare.


Cezar and Léia said...

That's indeed quite some charm there!
God bless you!

glenda said...

This is such a beautiful town. I saw these roofs in Bathe, England and loved them.

Judy said...

Charming is the right word.

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