Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paris Museums

The Pyramid at the Louvre has grown on me.  I initially thought it was too much of a departure from the classical architectural style of the museum, but the simplicity of design and its functionality of providing a central entrance to the museum have stood the test of time and enhance the visitor experience.
We were in Paris last February, so the bare trees in winter allowed this view through the Tuileries Garden to the Eiffel Tower.
The Arab World Institute building in Paris is a modern architectural masterpiece, in my view.  The windows are shaded in places to resemble tiles, and the holes in the shading provided this view through a window in the museum building down to a pavilion building across the plaza.
The Tuileries Gardens are closed at night, but there were opportunities to walk along the edge of the Gardens and take photos that took advantage of the dusting of snow.
This is a view through a window in the Musee du Quay Branly, which we visited for the first time during our most recent trip to Paris.  This museum is rather new, opening in 2006.  Its collection displays art of indigenous cultures of North & South America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.  In other words, everywhere except Europe.  The collection was display very creatively.  We loved it.


Judy said...

These night time pictures of Paris are just breathtaking!

Sharon said...

Dave, those screens on the windows of the Institut du Monde Arabe are called Light Screens. They cover the whole south side of the building and are composed of 1600 metal screens. Their design is based on carved wooden screens found on the outsides of buildings in Morocco. Each screen contains 21 irises which are controlled electronically, opening and closing in response to the amount of sunlight falling on photosensitive screens. The last time I was in Paris, I went here specifically to see these screens.

Jack said...

I feel the same way you do about the pyramid. When it was proposed, I was enraged at its inappropriateness. Now I see the way it works and how it contrasts with the main body of the Louvre and I recognize it as a work of genius.

Love the Tuileries allee.

glenda said...

Your wonderful photos of Paris reminds me that I must go back! And soon!

Virginia said...

Thank you for the trip to Paris this morning. I"ve been to the Quai Branly and thought it very well done. The Louvre at night is magique!!!!

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