Sunday, April 21, 2013

Street Scenes of Nicaragua

Grenada, Nicaragua is a charming Spanish colonial city that entertains visitors with pleasures as simple as a morning walk to enjoy the scenes of everyday life.
The colorful buildings provide countless subjects for photographing doors and windows.
I mentioned photographing doors and windows, but forgot to mention balconies.  This stately building is on the main square, across from the cathedral.
We made our reservations to stay in Grenada on short notice and the major hotels around the main square were full.  This is the swimming pool at the small hotel where we enjoyed staying about two blocks away.  It is named Casa Vivaldi and was not fancy, but was very adequate and convenient.
One of the things we liked about staying two blocks away from the main square is that we got to see life in this residential area, rather than being surrounded by tourists, restaurants and bars.


Judy said...

Very colorful indeed!

glenda said...

Really enjoy the colors of the buildings.

Bob Crowe said...

Glad you made it there and better still that you got to spend the night. We just did the day trip thing. It's charming, isn't it, but I wondered how much different it might be in nearby Managua.

Cezar and Léia said...

So adorable people and you got wonderful images, beautiful streets scenery,lots of colors and lights!

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