Sunday, April 14, 2013

Photos: Double Zebras and More in Africa

I like this photo of two zebras sharing a meal.  They apparently do not need their own space while eating.
This elephant tossed dirt up onto his head while we watched.  Maybe he was preventing sunburn, or maybe he was shoeing away flies.
Tanzania is known for its coffee production, and we visited a coffee plantation for samples.  It was like a flight of wine at a wine tasting.
These two adorable school children were happy to pose for me.  I hope they receive a good education and achieve the opportunities in life that they deserve.
A quiet moment in a Tanzanian village.


brattcat said...

these are beautiful.

Judy said...

You caught a lot of special moments in this series of photos.

glenda said...

Great photos, I believe the zebras look familiar.

Memphis MOJO said...

Lovely series.

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