Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos: Beauty and the Endangered Chubb at the Grand Canyon

Matkat slot canyon is one of the most scenic hikes up the sides of the Grand Canyon.  The full name is Matkatamiba canyon.   To get this photo, I had to wade and set up my tripod deep in the cold water.
The high contrast of the shadows and sun presented some challenges to photograph.
The rapids of the Colorado provide a thrilling ride on the raft.  I cannot imagine the hardship and bravery of Colonel John Wesley Powell and his crew when the made the first river trip through the Grand Canyon in 1869.  Several members of his crew gave up and left to walk out.  They were never seen or heard from again.  They abandoned the challenge just before what turned out to be the last major rapids.
This is a rare photo.  It shows an endangered species, the chubb fish, in the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  I don't think I had ever before taken a photo of an endangered fish.


glenda said...

Beautiful photos. Love the history of the Grand Canyon.

Memphis MOJO said...

the shadows and sun presented some challenges to photograph.

But you did a super job -- love it!

Lowell said...

Good Lord, Dave, these are absolutely magnificent photos! National Geographic, here you come! Wow!

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