Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ethiopian Scenes

The Blue Nile Gorge outside Addis Ababa is scenic, with a vast valley surrounded by cliffs.
Driving through the Ethiopian countryside provided many scenes of typical village life.
The people of Ethiopia are very friendly.  They greeted us cheerfully wherever we went and were happy to pose for photos.
Some village houses were brightly painted.  Unpaved streets are common, although the Chinese are building lots of roads in the country to connect the towns and cities much better than only a few years ago.  Some people said that the Chinese are using their own prison labor for the construction crews.
This woman lived on a farm.  The farm huts are in the background.  As reflected by the cross around her neck, Ethiopia is largely a Christian country.   Ethiopians consider their ancient country to be the home of the Queen of Sheba, and mankind's earliest roots are found in the area.  The skeletal remains of "Lucy" go back 3 million years.

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