Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College is one of the major tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland.  It is very a traditional, with many of the traditions that one expects of English universities.  It was founded in 1592.  Above is the bell tower.  There is a statute in the lower left corner that honors a college president who said that women would be admitted over his dead body.  He was forced to sign the paperwork to allow women to be admitted, and then he died of a heart attack a few weeks later.
The college is a mix of architectural styles, with Georgian brick buildings, neoclassical buildings, and even some 20th Century modern architecture.
The Long Room in the college library is a highlight.  There are 200,000 old books in a barrel vaulted central room that is larger than any library room of its type in Britain.  The library is a depository entitled by law to receive one copy of every book published in the U.K. and Ireland.  It has 5 million volumes.
Each row in the old library building is adorned with the bust of a famous author or philosopher.
The most valuable manuscript in the Library is the Book of Kells, a copy of the New Testament that dates to 800 A.D. This photo is another manuscript, not the Book of Kells, as photos are not allowed of the Book of Kells. Although they did open up the Book of Kells and allow Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to sign the Book of Kells


glenda said...

This library is really amazing! The Trinity College story of women being admitted was pretty strange.

Kate said...

The sexist President.. .. don't wish ill on anyone, but I guess his early demise serves him right!

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