Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lake Nicaragua

We had a delightful tour of Grenada, Nicaragua, by horse carriage.   After hopping on and off to see the churches and other points of interest in the city, the carriage took us to the shores of Lake Nicaragua.
The western shore of Lake Nicaragua south of Grenada is dotted with lots of islands.  Some are home to birds, and some are home to people. Real estate in Nicaragua is much cheaper than in Costa Rica.
Here is an example of a typical home on one of the many islands on the shore of Lake Nicaragua.
Lake Nicaragua is huge, as this view from Grenada looking east shows.  It empties into the Caribbean Sea, even though it is much closer to the Pacific Ocean, which is only about a half hour to the west.
I mentioned that some of the islands along the lake are home to birds rather than people.  This great egret is but one example of the many water fowl that take advantage of the ideal habitat.


Judy said...

It looks like a tropical paradise. That sounds like a nice way to get around and see the sights.

glenda said...

You could buy a whole island. Have your own little spot of paradise.

Margaret said...

I love the village scenes!

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