Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photos: The Eyes of Tanzania Africa

I do not remember exactly which type of monkey this baby is.  He reminds me of Yoda from Star Wars.
Zebras do not have as strong necks as horses.  They will at times rest their necks on the backs of another zebra.  This also helps them look in each direction to watch out for predators for each other.
This gazelle has to watch out for predators all by himself.  Right now he is making sure that we are not predators.
We visited a coffee plantation.  Here the hostess was pouring samples.  It was like a flight of wine tasting, except neither Dave nor I drink coffee.  We have decided the fondness for coffee is a generation-skipping trait.
This is a close up of the coffee beans.  While others in our group sampled the coffee, we took photos.


Memphis MOJO said...

Great series (as usual).

glenda said...

Love, love, love the animal photos, the baby is simply precious. Coffee is one of the main food groups! Can't live without it.

Steffi said...

Fantastic set of animal photos!Great shots!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

The baby (monkey) looks rather wistful. Wonderful animal photos, they beat cats and dogs hands down.

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