Sunday, May 19, 2013

Architecture of Nicaragua

This is the cathedral on the main plaza in the center of Grenada.  It was originally built in 1583, but has been destroyed several times and the current church was reconstructed in 1915.  In early Spanish Colonial times, Grenada was invaded by British, French and Dutch pirates.  In the 1850's the city was burned by the forces of American William Walker who tried to seize control of Central America.  They left behind a sign that said "Here Was Grenada."
This is a small part of the large plaza in the center of Grenada.  It occupies the area of two city blocks, with large shade trees, fountains, and a Gazebo.  There were lots of vendors and families enjoying the plaza when were were there last December.
This is the courtyard of some stores and galleries.  I mentioned William Walker above.  He led a private army of Americans who tried to take control of Central America to establish a country that would be safe to continue slavery.  He succeeded for about a year and ruled Nicaragua, but his army was defeated in a battle in northern Costa Rica and he was executed by the government of Honduras.  Amazingly, and shamefully in my opinion, there is a marker near his birthplace in Nashville that honors him as the only citizen of Nashville to become the head of state.
The colorful paint and elaborate ironwork of Grenada adds charm to otherwise modest buildings.
Why paint a wall with one color when three colors will look better?

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