Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photos: Sights of Tanzania

This female lion was relaxing in the tree.  Our guide said that here must be a male lion lying at the base of the tree, but we could not see it because the grasses were too high.
This woman had a large load that she was carrying on her head, but she was nevertheless happy to agree to stop to pose for a photo.
When one thinks of African wildlife, big game comes to mind, not birds.  This large bird grazing in the grasslands looks sort of like a stork.
This is not a feathered boa.  It is a plant.
We flew from a dirt airstrip in the western Serengeti  to Arusha, Tanzania, in a small plane.  This is a view down on some Maasi villages on the hillsides near Mount Kilimanjaro.


Judy said...

Amazing! You must have wonderful memories of your trips like this one.

glenda said...

I would love the lion in the tree in my animal room. Don't know where I'd put it,however. The pink plant is pretty amazing.

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