Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photos: The Power of Patterns in Africa

This week we are featuring some of the details revealed during our safari in Tanzania. Giraffes are magnificent, and we had some delightful opportunities to view them from close range.
The patterns on this turtle are different than what we are used to seeing in desert tortoises in Arizona where we live, or in the sea turtles that we see in the ocean near our condos in Costa Rica. Our safari jeep stopped to allow this turtle to cross the road.
These two Thompson's gazelles squared off and butted heads a few times, then stopped. I don't know what the cause of their conflict was. There were lots of other gazelles around who just ignored them, and neither of them got hurt.
I liked the patterns of the veins in this leaf, perhaps because we do not have many large, leafy plants in Arizona. The depth of field at close range is a challenge.
We were at the Ngorongoro Crater in February, when the grasses were green, the water was plentiful, and there were large flocks of flamingoes. We enjoyed watching them stroll the lakeshore, and from our room at the lodge up on the crater we could even see patterns from the animals in the crater floor below.
These two impalas enjoyed the shade. Zebras will often stand in opposite directions like this so that they can watch out for predators for each other, and perhaps these impalas are doing the same thing.


brattcat said...

loved this series of patterns in africa!

Britters said...

These are wonderful!

Filip Demuinck said...

This must be a great experience, a safari in Africa.


glenda said...

Loved the focus on this of patterns and what better place to show this than Africa.

JM said...

Absolutely gorgeous shots! How I love Africa!

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