Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Living Culture of Bhutan

The festivals in Bhutan are colorful and dramatic.  It is worthwhile to time a trip to Bhutan to coincide with one of the festivals.  The festivals feature music, dance, and colorful masks and costumes.   We visited Bhutan at the time of the festival in Punahka, the first of the season.
Families walked from miles around to reach the temple to be able to see the ceremonies  Many of them willingly posed for me..
This photo shows a giant thangka that is covering the wall of the temple.  It is made of fabric and is unfurled and raised for the ceremonies.  It was impossible to move back far enough to get a photo of the entire thangka without the tree in the courtyard obscuring part of it.  It was impressive to watch a large group of people remain and help to take the thangka down at the end of the ceremony.
People lined the temple balconies to watch the ceremonies in the courtyard below.  The monks are easy to spot in their saffron and maroon robes.
The people of Bhutan live primarily in the valleys of the mountainous kingdom in the Himalayas.

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glenda said...

Beautiful country!

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