Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Style of Croatia

The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia is scenic, with rocky mountains lining the Adriatic Sea and a coast dotted with rocky islands and charming towns dating to the Middle Ages when Venice ruled the area.
People, and their dogs, enjoy the outdoor cafe lifestyle.
The long term residents of the area have endured challenges in life, including decades of communist rule, followed by a war.  The future is more sunny.
Stone is the prevalent building material. In some rural areas there are lots of abandoned stone houses because the people have left for jobs in the cities or in other countries.
This is a view of he town of Hvar on the island of Hvar.  It was a Venetian town for centuries.  The long low building in the foreground was the arsenal during Venetian rule.  Each Venetian town had an arsenal where Venetian ships could come into port and get spare parts and repairs for the ships.

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glenda said...

The first photo is just really lovely. And of course I loved the little dog.

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