Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Spectacular Sights of Croatia

We took a long hike from the lavender highlands down the seacoast on the island of Hvar and came across this pleasant little village.
The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia offers a fascinating mix of architectural styles and decors.  For centuries it was part of the Venetian Republic, so much of its heritage reflects Venetian influences.
In Split we were delighted to visit the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery.  He is the country's leading sculptor, and his house and grounds are a museum and sculpture park.  An adjacent chapel holds some of his carved wooden wall panels.
Our small cruise ship in the harbor below the Spanish Fort in Hvar was a perfect way to visit Croatia. We were in a different locale each day, without the time and hassle of driving the rugged coastline.
The harbor front promenade in Spllt was bustling with activity and a festival atmosphere.


Memphis MOJO said...

A cannon and a cruise ship, I love the irony.


Wonderful! The sculptures are very interesting.

glenda said...

How pleasant to go for a walk and find this lovely village. Hopefully you had time to explore.

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