Sunday, June 29, 2014

Maritime Majorca

This is a view of the lighthouse at the entrance to the bay of Porto Christo, on the East Coast of Majorca.  Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, about 125 miles (200 km) southeast of Barcelona.   The rocky coastline has been home to sailing cultures from the ancient Phoenecians, Greeks, Romans, later Majorca was part of the Islamic Moorish empire, and, since 1229, Spain.
Majorca is a popular Mediterranean resort island, so naturally its beaches are popular.  They are interspersed amidst the scenic, rocky coastline.  This is just north of Porto Pedro on the East Coast.
There are caves popular for tourists on the outskirts of Porto Christo.  They are called the Cuevas del Drach, or Caves of Drach in English which translates as the dragon caves.  They are beautiful, with lots of stalactites and stalagmites.  They are well lit and have good walkways and hand rails.  They allow non-flash photography.  There is a large underground lake, and they even have an amphitheater with a classical music ensemble playing a concert from a boat that floats around the lake.
Porto Christo is one of the towns on Majorca that provides an excellent harbor for residents and visitors with boats, or yachts.  We visited Majorca last month on a family vacation and loved it.
In addition to the scenic coast, beaches, and resort atmosphere, we chose to visit Majorca because of its history, architecture and culture.  We were not disappointed.  There are Roman ruins, Moorish influences, and charming medieval towns, and gothic churches.  This is a gargoyle on one of the churches.  It provided a nice mix of activities and attractions.


Memphis MOJO said...

You two certainly pick some great places to vacation.

glenda said...

Your great photos brought back many happy memories of our family trip. The concert in the cave was one of them. As I remember that cathedral had many gargoyles, you choice a good one.

Sharon Anck said...

Dave, these photos are gorgeous. The water is so blue. It looks like a great place to vacation.

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