Sunday, May 4, 2014

Delightful Vienna

What could be better than a carriage ride through the streets of Vienna?  We did a carriage ride in Salzburg, so we figured that was extravagant enough and did not take advantage of one in Vienna.
We were in Vienna for Christmas a few years back.  We love the charm of Christmas decorations in Europe, even if it has rained.  The aftermath of the rain adds a nice reflective touch for photos.
How convenient, and inspirational, that so many churches in Europe seem to double as art museums.
This is mass at the high altar in St. Stephen's Cathedral.  There are 7 other altars in the cathedral.  The cathedral was built in the 1300's, but the altar was lair refurbished and the current high altar dates to the 1640's.
David sent out to get some food and he found a grocery store near the cathedral.  It had a main floor and a lower level.  That presented the question of how does one take a grocery cart upstairs?  The answer is an escalator made just for shopping carts.



Wonderful photos! :)

glenda said...

A carriage ride would be great. Magnificent cathedrals. The grocery store experience is what makes travel fun!

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