Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sepik RIver Villagers, Papua New Guinea

The villagers of Sepik River tribes wear colorful costumes made of shells, leaves, and boar tusks.
The long houses on stilts allow for occasional flooding of the river basin.  Leaving wetlands to accommodate river flooding is a much better form of flood control than building levees, which channel the water downstream at greater heights.  Also, the silt deposited during high water enriches the farmland.   The Sepik is 710 miles (1,126 km) long,  That must make it the longest river on an island.
The bird seemed quite content to stand on this villager's head, and vice versa.
The villagers do not get dressed up in full costumes every day, so I think our visit was a bit of a special occasion for them as well.
This boy looks like he is taking his tribal duties very seriously.

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glenda said...

This is such an interesting place and their clothing and adornments are really neat.

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