Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scenes from Grenada, Nicaragua

This week's post will show some typical scenes of Grenada, Nicaragua. I took this photo from the balcony in front of our room at the small hotel where we stayed, Casa Vivaldi.  The tower of a church several blocks away provided a backdrop for a shot through my telephoto lens.
This bus was so crowded that people were hanging out the back.  I hope the driver doesn't have to make any sudden stops, starts or swerve in traffic.
This is another photo taken from the balcony of our hotel, which explains why there are a few utility poles silhouetted against the trees and sunset.
Grenada is a very attractive place to walk around and enjoy the color and variety of doorways, windows and other architectural features.
This is the street where our hotel was located.  It is a residential street about 3 blocks from the main tourist areas.  The dome of the cathedral on the main plaza is in the distance of this photo.  Casa Vivaldi was not fancy, but it was inexpensive, clean, adequate, and we felt more a part of the neighborhood walking the residential streets to the area where the restaurants and other attractions are located.


Judy said...

Very colorful!

glenda said...

Photo of the sky is very beautiful. Guys looking out the back of the bus do not look very happy.

Sharon said...

I love the colorful buildings. Those guys riding that bus look so relaxed but that really is a dangerous way to travel.

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