Sunday, December 15, 2013

The People of Ethiopia

This week we are showing some more photos of the people of Ethiopia from our trip there last month.  This young girl was carrying her infant brother on her back.  This was a Dorze tribal village.  The huts are of a unique design because they are are supported by a bamboo frame so that they do not need or have a central post for support.  They last about 100 years, but they get smaller over time because termites and ants eat them from the ground up.
This Dorze woman was demonstrating cooking a paste that is made from the pulp that they get from the palm trees.  
This photo demonstrates how hard Ethiopians work just to fulfill their daily needs.  These women filled large water jugs in a river, then walked up the embankment and all the way back to town to bring water to their houses for their daily needs.
This little girl in the capitol city of Addis Ababa was enchanted by the performances at a restaurant of traditional songs and dances.
It is common to see people in Ethiopia walking long distances along country roads.  The colorful clothing of this group caught our eye.  Yes, that is a tall termite mound in the background center of the photo, just above the head of the woman with a yellow skirt.


JM said...

Wonderful! Ethiopia must be such an amazing country. Would love to visit.

Judy said...


glenda said...

Beautiful people. That is some termite mound!

Sharon said...

Such beautiful faces in this post.

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