Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scenes of Ethiopia

Visiting some the tribal cultures of Ethiopia is an amazing experience.  The Mursi tribe in southern Ethiopia is know for the body painting, round clay disks that they insert into their stretched lower lip, and body scarification.  And, yes, some of them wear amazing headdresses.
We went to Ethiopia last month in part to see a total eclipse of the sun.  This field is the site where we waited for the sun to go behind the moon.  Unfortunately, the clouds obscured the sun and the moon.  While we were waiting for the eclipse, this woman cam walking by.  I presume she is going out to gather firewood, which is why she has an axe.
We saw some of these colorfl birds darting around while we saiting for the eclipse.
While we were waiting for the eclipse, we had a snack to enjoy that consisted of half popcorn and half of a mixture of nuts and grains.  Although we missed seeing the eclipse, we loved the trip to Ethiopia.
This is a shoe seller who made sandals out of the treads of tires.

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glenda said...

Simply amazing photos. The people are so colorful!

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