Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Architecture of Ronda, Spain

I can't imagine living in Ronda, Spain before this "New Bridge" was built in the 1750's.  It would be quite a walk down the ravine and up to the other half of the town.
The Moorish architectural influences remain from the 700 years of Arab settlement of Ronda, from 713 - 1485 A.D.
We rarely miss a chance to explore the features of the interior of churches and Cathedrals in Europe. This scene is on the back wall of the Ronda Cathedral.
Churches and cathedrals offer quiet corners for reflection and, if permitted, photographs.  This is the back of the choir area of the Ronda Cathedral, with the marble floor reflecting the candlelight.
We were so enchanted by Ronda that we stayed too long, as this photo illustrates.  It was a drive through curvy mountain roads to return to the place we were staying in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.


glenda said...

Especially like the reflective effect on the floor of the candles. That bridge is pretty spectacular.

Memphis MOJO said...

I usually read the text, then look at the images. This time, however, the bridge drew me in and I couldn't wait to look at the photos. Great job.

Bob Crowe said...

How well I remember those scenes, especially the bridge. We spent a couple of nights there many years ago.

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