Sunday, October 27, 2013

Street scene and Cathedral in Grenada, Nicaragua

This is a typical residential street scene in Grenada, Nicaragua, with a volcano towering into the clouds on the outskirts of town.
This is the interior of the Cathedral of Grenada, built in 1634.  An American with a private army, William Walker, captured the city and seized the cathedral to house his troops for 18 days in 1856, then burned it.  The damage to the cathedral was not fully repaired  until 1965.
I love the architecture and decor of Spanish colonial churches.  The images of the Virgin Mary are similar to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is such an important part of the culture of Mexico and Arizona, where I have lived all of my life.
The pastel colors of the Cathedral interior are unusual, and delightful.
The tile work on the floors of Catholic Churches often have intricate patterns, as is the case with the Cathedral in Grenada.

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glenda said...

The cathedral is lovely. I also like the pastel colors, quite unusual.

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