Sunday, September 8, 2013


When you think of Gibraltar, you of course think of the Rock of Gibraltar.  But you don't think normally think of going inside the Rock of Gibraltar.  There is the colorful St. Michael's cave to explore.  
King Fahd of Saudi Arabia gave the money for a mosque to be built in 1997 to serve the Muslim people in Gibraltar.  Facing south towards Morocco, the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque is one of the largests mosques in a non-Muslim country.  We visited on a very overcast, rainy day, which presented a challenge for our photography.
The town of Gibraltar includes British architecture in a tropical setting.  The clouds hung low on the Rock of Gibraltar towering behind the town.
The Rock of Gibraltar is inhabited by lots of apes who have become accustomed to tourists driving up the Rock to take in the views.  They were a little too friendly for our tastes, as they will hop on your arms if you extend them.  Like baby humans, this baby ape was a rather shy.
The view from the Rock of Gibraltar north into Spain includes the runway that runs across the peninsula and extends into the sea to make room for plans to land in the British protectorate.
This is another view across the runway.  They have to stop traffic when a plan lands, as the only road into Gibraltar must cross the runway because the runway traverses the entire width of the peninsula.  In the foreground of this photo is the very crowded Gibraltar cemetery.  We took a day trip to Gibraltar from Marbella, Spain.


Sharon said...

This is a very interesting place indeed. I never would have imagine that cave to tour.

Judy said...

Cloudy days are a challenge but you have met that challenge quite well with the pictures you have selected.

glenda said...

This is a historic and interesting place to visit. I will agree the monkeys are overly friendly.

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