Sunday, March 17, 2013

Transportation and People of Nicaragua

Horse carriage rides are a popular way to see the Spanish colonial city of Grenada, Nicaragua.  We lined up a guide for the day and he lined up a carriage for several hours so we could hop on and off while seeing the churches, museum, and other sights.
The people of Nicaragua are warm and friendly, as this adorable girl's mother was willing for her to pose for us.
This is a pedestrian-only street alongside the cathedral in Grenada.  At night it is filled with people and outdoor tables from the restaurants that line both sides of the street.
Not all horses are tourist carriages.  Many are working horse carts, such as is used by these vendors getting ready to set up fo rthe day in the main square.  They have fashioned a pair of horse blinders from cardboard.
Who needs a horse when you have a mother to push the cart around?  Grenada has made a big effort in the past 10 years to develop tourism to provide additional economic opportunities for residents.

Nicaragua is a nice place to visit from Costa Rica.  The people are benefiting from the government providing more stability and peace that in prior decades.  The Nicaraguan government still needs to be a better neighbor to Costa Rica, however, as it has seized a Costa Rican island in the Caribbean zone.  Costa Rica, which does not have a military, has taken Nicaragua to the World Court to resolve the matter.

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glenda said...

Sounds like a charming country.

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