Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photos: The Beauty of Africa

We took a hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti.  Our visit in February was a perfect time for the color of the plains, as in the summer the grasses would be brown.  The gold and green was a perfect backdrop for the colors of the balloons.  The tall grasses made it harder to spot wildlife, but more beautiful when we did.
This man was resting on top of a truck that was delivering produce to a local market outside Arusha, Tanzania.  This week we thought we would post some photos of everyday life, rather than the wildlife photos that are more commonly shared from sub-Saharan Africa.
Local food markets are always colorful places for photos.  The variety of food is delightful.  But, no , we do not each street food in Africa or Asia, or parts of Latin America other than Costa Rica, Argentina or Chile, unless a guide assures us it is OK for foreigners.
I  love to ask local people to pose for my photos.  They have such character and charm.  Sometimes when people ask whether my husband or I took a particular photo, Dave will tell them that if there are people in the photo, Julie took it.
OK.  A series of photos from sub-Saharan Africa would not be complete without at least one wildlife photo, so here is a different one than what you would usually see.  The colors on the head of this guinea hen seem to compete for attention with the shape of the head.


Memphis MOJO said...

The bearing of the person in the fourth image makes for a wonderful shot! It's also nicely framed and I like the way the the person is looking off to one side. Excellent shot.

Filip and Kristel said...

Beautiful, I have never really been in Africa. Tenerife doesn't count. :-)


Margaret said...

I love the colorful birds in Tanzania. I've never taken the balloon ride. Must do!

glenda said...

Great place for a balloon ride. Safe distance from the animals.

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