Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photos: The Majestic Grand Canyon

This is Navajo Bridge, taken from a raft floating down the Colorado River at the northern edge of the Grand Canyon, 467 feet (142 m.) below the bridge.  The original span was completed in 1929, and the second span was added in 1995.  The second span now carries vehicles and the original span is used by pedestrians.  It is the only bridge across the Colorado River for almost 600 miles (970 km)
The river rock in the Grand Canyon can be deposited in colorful patterns.  A month or so ago the Interior Department opened the spillway valves at the Glen Canyon Dam to multiply the volume of water rushing through the Canyon to wash away sediment that has collected in the river bed.
Most people see the Grand Canyon only from the rim and marvel at its massive scale.  The beauty of the countless side canyons within the Grand Canyon reveal themselves when the Canyon is explored from the river.
Ribbons of  waterfalls drop into the river in the inner gorge of the Canyon
The colors of the Canyon wall are reflected in calm parts of the river.

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glenda said...

Beautiful Canyon photos! Makes me want to visit again.

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