Sunday, December 23, 2012

Photos: Doorways in Cambodia

The 216 carved heads in the facade of Angkor Thom temple provide a sense of wonder and discovery as they reveal themselves while exploring the passageways of the temple complex.
The theme for this week's series of photos from the temples around Siem Reap, Cambodia is "doorways."  The doorway above was in an alcove of the Angkor Thom temple.
Some of the temples had long corridors that added to the mystery and allure of exploring the temples.  Dave and I like to look for interesting angles in which to compose our photos of architectural features.
This doorway is in danger of being encircled by the roots dropping down from a massive banyan tree.  There are plans to cut down the trees that threaten to undermine the temple walls.
The 400 temples in the vicinity of Siem Reap are each unique.  Some are large.  Some are small.  All of them have artistic details that delight visitors.


brattcat said...

i've missed too many sunday travels with you. it's lovely to spend a few moments this morning catching up on weeks of your breathtaking images.

Toto said...

Wirklich sehr schöne Bilder aus Kambodscha. Ein traumhaftes Reiseziel, welches auch ich schon besuchen durfte.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice series.

My sister just returned from Cambodia. She loved it.

glenda said...

Such an interesting culture, especially like the large heads.

Cezar and Léia said...

The first picture is really impressive!
Wishing you a great 2013!
God bless you!

JM said...

Stunning! Love every photo. Great post.

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