Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photos: The Vibrant Colors of Cape Breton

Last Fall I went to Cape Breton Island at the northern tip of Nova Scotia. It was my first trip to that area and I loved it. The fall colors are evident in this photo of a waterfall, which I took with a slow shutter speed to blur the water.

Of course, the leaves are not the only colors. I don't know what it is about the sea coast, but fishermen like to paint what would otherwise be plain storage buildings in bold colors. I am glad that the do.
The last light of the day paints a soft scene on the harbor. I visited during the Celtic Music Festival, so the evening signified the time to go out to listen to festive and vibrant concerts in many venues.
The vegetation in Nova Scotia is so different than my native Arizona that I had to take some macro shots of the berries and leaves.
The delicacy of the berries and light attracted my camera lens. I was fortunate to visit with friends who were patient with my photography.


Laure said...

Très belles photos :-)
Bises, Laure

Cezar and Léia said...

You are skilled at photography!Lovely images, I'm enchanted by the city night lights, the picture is breathtaking!
hugs and a nice week ahead,
Léia and purrs from little LUNA

Memphis MOJO said...

I loved all these, but the simplest one (the barn) really jumped out at me!

Lowell said...

One of my golfing buddies lives in Nova Scotia during the summer and spends the winters here. He loves it up there except for the cold weather. Super images!

glenda said...

What a beautiful spot. Great photos.

jimmy jam said...

We had to travel and hour and a half to a grocery store. All very quaint for a vacation, but how do people live here all the time? It snows like the dickens and the bay ices up. Heaven, for sure, but definitely cut off.cape breton cottage rentals

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