Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amazing Africa

Thank heavens for the plains of Africa and the wildlife preserved there.  I hope the pressures and need for economic development can be accommodate in a way that leaves plenty of room for zebras and other magnificent animals to continue to migrate across the plains.
When we think of Africa, we usually think of big game, but the birds are also colorful and photogenic.
The people of Africa are stately and beautiful.  I took this photo at a local market outside Arusha, Tanzania.  The bright colors and bold patterns that women wore to do their shopping, and to socialize.
This is our room in the lodge outside Arusha, Tanzania.  Whenever we had a lodge that came netting around the bed, you can be sure that we used the netting.
This baby vervet monkey is adorable.   Here is a photo tip:    I used a bean bag camera support that screwed into the camera in place of a tripod so I could steady the camera on the roof of our vehicle for greater clarity and sharpness in telephoto shots than what can be achieved in hand held photos.


Cezar and Léia said...

What an adventure! The first shot is brilliant!
God bless you!

Judy said...

That must have been an exciting trip. The little monkey shot is adorable! Thanks for the tip. I have a bean bag to rest my camera on but I didn't know they made them to attach to the camera. Handy!

Memphis MOJO said...

That guy in the last photo has a look that says don't monkey with me!!

glenda said...

The clothes the women are wearing are really beautiful. Love the zebras!

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