Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photos: The Colors of the Grand Canyon

The reflected red canyon walls painted the river.  The contrast between intense light and deep shadow presented a challenge to photograph.
While floating down the river, I was limited to a little waterproof camera, as there were times that we would get drenched in our rafts going down the rapids.
The guides who run the river are experts at what they do.  What a special life and career they have.  And, yes, they look the part.  Some rafts have motors.  Some rafts have oars.  I chose a tour that used the larger, motorized rafts.
We took our trip in May, and the water was emerald blue in places.  People who had been on the trip before said that it is usually a muddy brown.  I prefer blue.
As I have commented previously, grandeur of the Grand Canyon visible from the rim gives way to the intricate details of the depths of the Grand Canyon.  Our float trip through the Canyon involved several hikes each day into side ravines and slot canyons.


brattcat said...

these are wonderful. thank you.

glenda said...

Fantastic adventure and opportunity to see the canyon from this perspective. Great photos!

Judy said...

Too beautiful for words.

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