Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photos: Magical Cambodia

This is a corner of the Angkor Wat temple at sunrise.  Dave got up at 5:00 a.m. and set up his tripod to take sunrise photos with a very long, 20 - 30 second exposure to capture the color of sunrise when it was barely visible to the naked eye.  While everyone else waited for sunrise photos at the entrance to the temple, Dave was able to walk around and capture this sunrise photo in a different location.
Angkor Wat is the most famous, but it is one of 400 temples in the area.  There are many smaller temples such as this one.
The Angkor Thom temple complex includes a long wall that has carved elephants and carved Hindu gods.
We encountered this young boy riding his bicycle on a dirt road as we walked back from one of the temples.
Some of the temples have been reclaimed in part by the jungle, with giant banyon trees having dropped roots down onto the temples, and engulfing parts of them.  Restoration and preservation efforts are underway, as eventually the trees will ruin the stonework.


Jarart said...

So glad Dave is an early riser!
The temple in the second picture looks as if it could have grown right up out of the ground. Great pictures.

brattcat said...

oh, these are fabulous! thank you.

JM said...

Beautiful! I never tire of looking at those huge roots embracing the buildings.

fiziskandarz said...

the sunrise image is magical! and I love the detail you capture of the temple :)

glenda said...

What an interesting place. Temples are amazing.

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