Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photos: The Skies and Beauty of Cape Breton

It is not often that Canadians and Americans get to admire a sunset over the Atlantic, but that is this scene from Cape Breton looking across the bay towards the Canadian mainland to the west.
This photo shows the side of the Inn on the Intervale where I stayed for the Canadian Thanksgiving last October. The greenhouse is used for growing fresh vegetables beyond the normal summer season.
New fallen apples on the ground and those picked from the trees were a source of fresh apple sauce for breakfast each morning. 
The tiny mushrooms and lush evergreens were such a contrast to what I see in my native Arizona that my macro lens called to me to take the time to study, admire and photograph the diversity of nature.We close this series as we began, with a serene view of the Canadian sunset, typical of the peace and tranquility of the rural landscape of Cape Breton Island, the northern end of Nova Scotia.

My husband and I just returned from three weeks in Asia, and we had dinner one evening with a Justice on the the Supreme Court of Bhutan.  There is no law school in that small Himalayan nation.  He obtained a law degree from a university in Nova Scotia.  What a small and global world that we share.


Rizalenio said...

Very beautiful. I can stare at your photos the whole day. Happy weekend. :)

Jarart said...

It looks like a peaceful place to stay and what a treat to see those colorful skies.
Hope to see pictures from your last trip soon.

glenda said...

Really a beautiful place. Enjoy looking at these photos.

TheChieftess said...

that first shot is exquisite!!!

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