Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving on Cape Breton Island

A few weeks ago I visited Cape Breton Island to enjoy Canadian Thanksgiving with the family of some dear friends. This is the creek on the property of our friends father, with a brilliant display of fall colors. After his father retired, he built a 14-room lodge near where he was born.
This is our friends' father's barn. He cleared the land and built a lodge, the Inn on the Intervale, and barn using only the lumber that came from the property. One of the younger members of the family is eager to run to the barn, where we had our happy hour before Thanksgiving dinner.
This is the interior staircase and chandelier of the lodge. It is gorgeous inside and looks just like a north country lodge should look like.
This is the table set for Thanksgiving dinner. It was sunny and warm enough to eat dinner on the screened porch, with a view of the surrounding forest, sunset, and later the night sky. The potatoes that we had for dinner were picked, or dug up, that morning.
This is part of the interior decorations of the Inn on the Intervale. Here is a link to its website. Our friend's father, after he retired from being a policeman in Michigan, returned to his birthplace in Nova Scotia, cleared some land and built the lodge. He also has several apartments on the property that he rents to tourists and visitors. They grow their own food.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks. Despite the challenges to our country and the world, we do have so much for which to be thankful. The Canadian Thanksgiving is very similar to Thanksgiving in the USA, but appropriately it is about 6 weeks earlier, as they have an earlier harvest up north.


brattcat said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful gathering. i particularly loved that table in sunlight with the exquisite view. i bet the food tasted divine.

Traveling Hawk said...

A real Canadian log house, I love the style! Even if it is a celebration known in my country, we do not have such a day. But my son, in Canada, does celebrate it.

A series of nice photos!

Filip Demuinck said...

It looks like an enivorment where you can relax, far away from the hectic city life. That's something I need.


glenda said...

What a great trip you had. The fall colors are glorious. Digging your potatoes in the morning and eating them in the afternoon. Can't get any fresher than that.

Memphis MOJO said...

This is one of your best series, yet. I especially like No. 2. The young girl running into the barn really makes it

once upon a nail said...

Thanks for sharing...although every picture was beautiful, my eye went right to the fabulous chandelier!

Kate said...

A wonderful collection of photos commemorating an important event. I share your thoughts about it, too.

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