Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Village of Cernobbi in Italy

Cernobbi is a village on the west shore of Lake Como about a 10 minute ferry ride north of Como, which is at the southern end of the Lake. It is the site of the famous, elegant Villa d' Este hotel, which we have shown in the past. The photo above is the logo for the hotel composed of flowers at the entrance to the hotel.
Today we are showing a few scenes from the short walk through Cernobbi from the ferry landing to the Villa d' Este hotel, where we enjoyed an elegant lunch. Like many small Italian towns, there are charming details in the architecture of the churches and other buildings.
This house has wonderful details, including the ivy covered balcony, lattice trim under the eaves, painted accents, etc.
We always stop in churches when walking around towns in Europe. The are full of beauty and moments for reflection. This is my husband, Dave, emerging from a church in Cernobbi.
Above the doorway to the church were these angelic terra cotta figures.
Here is the church and bell tower together. My guess is that they were built at two different times, as they are different in appearance, with the bell tower lacking the terra cotta features of the church.


Expats Again said...

We love Lake Como. Your photos are great. Have you been to Lake Garda? It is equally as nice. said...

Expats Again,

Julie and I have vacationed at Lake Como twice, and we went over to Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano on day trips, but we have not been over to Lake Garda. A good friend of ours in Scottsdale did stay at Lake Garda and we have seen her photo book. It looked lovely.

Filip Demuinck said...

Wauw, what a nice city.


glenda said...

What a beautiful place. The vines growing on that house are pretty amazing.

Expats Again said...

Dave, thanks for stopping by my posts today. I should be posting this week about Lake Garda where we spent the day yesterday. Drop by for a look. If you liked Como, you will love Garda. I'm also posting some photos of Padua later this week.

Expats Again said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I'm a follower and hope to learn more about new destinations to travel. I really have to discuss some of our trips that we haven't posted. Where to find the time, eh?

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