Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Architecture of Chicago

Chicago is knows for its pioneering urban architecture a century ago, and it has continued the tradition with its modern buildings. This a a view of the wavy exterior of a high rise apartment or condo building a few blocks south of the Chicago River and a few blocks from the Lake. Perhaps the architect was influenced by Barcelona's Gaudi in the wave lines of the balcony.
The "Magnificent Mile" of Michigan Avenue is considered by some to be the best shopping street in the country. (Unlike 5th Avenue in New York, it has a Nieman Marcus.) The planters with flowers add to its pedestrian appeal.
The new Trump Tower on the Chicago River is a gleaming addition to the skyline, with the classic Wrigley Building beside it. The Trump Tower replaced the ugly, undistinguished Sun Times office building.
If you know Chicago, you know that this is sunrise, not sunset, as the view out to Navy Pier looks eastward. My husband, Dave, had business meetings at a hotel nearby and he left a little early with a cameral in his brief case so he could take a few photos in case there was a sunrise.
Nighttime along Michigan Avenue facing Millenium and Grant Park provided this scene. The blue is the top of one of the lighted fountains in Millenium Park that I showed in some past posts about Chicago. The sky glow of Chicago has illuminated the low clouds.
This is the registration desk in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel where Dave had his meetings. The unsung workers who clean and polish this floor make possible the reflection of the wavy blue back-lighting in the floor.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Nice...brings back memories. I was born there & lived 20 years in that city. Haven't been back for many years.


brattcat said...

chicago is a photographer's dream, isn't it.

glenda said...

Love Chicago and you have captured some nice scenes.

Filip Demuinck said...

Very nice pictures of Chicago, I love the city. Great pictures.


JM said...

All are beautiful, but the top shot is really something!

Tash said...
These photos are wonderful. Is the 1st photo of a Gehry building? I esp like that one as far as the buildings go.

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