Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Style of Sweden

This curious statue of a hand is next to the Royal Palace.
In the lake country of southern Sweden we stayed at an Inn and enjoyed a demonstration of Swedish folk dancing by some of the people in the town, including this young girl.
This is part of the lobby of the Inn where we stayed in the lake country of Southern Sweden, about halfway from Stockholm to Copenhagen.
The old town of Stockholm, called gamla stan, is a charming area of narrow pedestrian streets, cafes and shops, and old public buildings such as churches and the Royal Palace.
The architecture of Stockholm is impressive. This busy collection of spires, patterned brickwork, tapered shapes, a statutes carries the eye skyward.


SKIZO said...


brattcat said...

I do so enjoy traveling with you.

Traveling Hawk said...

Nice shots! I like the lobby in the inn. And that statue looks so real! It was not there when I visited Stckholm years ago.

FP said...

Good and meaningful New Year. Up to new meetings on the Internet.

Cildemer said...

Great pics! It seems a lovely place to visit!
Thanks for sharing;o)

All my best wishes for the new year****

ρομπερτ said...

For sure a role model for many cities. Thank you for this nice journey.

Please have you all a nice Tuesday.

daily athens

Steffe said...

Some very familiar scenes here. Thanks for posting these.

JM said...

The top shot is so eye-catching! Love it.

Sharon Creech said...

Love the bright colors!

Memphis MOJO said...


All of them are nice images, but I really like the gamla stan shot.

Leif Hagen said...

We visited Gamla Stan in old Stockholm this summer with my Swedish relatives and found the Stockholm street, "Sveavagen" which was FUN for our 2nd daughter named "Svea." We also visited the Vigeland Park in Olso with the stone statutes earlier on our trip and Gunn of the Stavanger Daily Photo blog met us there!
This "Viva la Voyage" blog is a treasure chest of fantastic international travel photos!

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