Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Design Flair of Denmark

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark is a world treasure, designed by man. It is a reflection of the Danish flair for design that in the center of a major city they would create a park, with restaurants, lakes, a concert hall, and amusement rides. This fountain in one of the lakes changed colors frequently, making water look like fire.
This was our hotel room at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel across from Tivoli Gardens. The city allowed a high rise hotel to be built downtown in exchange for stipulating that everything in the hotel, including the architectural features, furniture, and even the silverware must be a design by Arne Jacobsen, a famous Danish designer.
This is the wall above the bed, shown in the last photo, at night. With delightful surprises such as this, one is reluctant to turn out the lights.
This is the Stroget, which Copenhagen claims is the world's longest pedestrian shopping street. It is a popular place for shopping, walking, dining, and meeting friends, many of whom arrive by bicycle, as this photo shows.
This is the view of Tivoli from the same hotel room with the funky wall of lights that I showed above. One of the entrances to Tivoli is in the lower left.
This is a night time view of the entrance to Tivoli shown in the lower left of the previous photo.
The Palace Square is the site of the Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of the Royal Family, which is at the left of this photo. We had an unusual vantage point to take this photo. We took a large, overnight cruise ship ferry to Oslo, Norway, and we had this view from the top deck as we sailed out of Copenhagen.


brattcat said...

Being a big fan of H.C. Andersen, Odense and Copenhagen are on my must-see list. Thank you for these beautiful Copenhagen shots.

Joanne said...

Scandinavian design is so cool and clean, I love it, i haven't been to Denmark but I have heard that it is really nice, on my list for a visit!

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

JM said...

The top shot is fantastic, but the wall above the bed is no less surprising! Wonderful shots of a city I haven't been to yet.

Steffe said...

Some great Copenhagen photos here.

glenda said...

Enjoyed the beautiful photos from Denmark. What an interesting Hotel. Really love the clean design.

Cildemer said...

Lots of very nice photos in your blog!
Thanks for sharing, and I was so happy to find your pics of Portugal:o) because I was born there and left for France when I was 13!

Have a nice day*******

Ps: I'm going to become your follower! Hope you'll become mine;o)

Jacob said...

Copenhagen is a gorgeous city from what I've seen of it in photos! One of these days we're hoping to visit Scandinavia and the Tivoli Gardens are certainly on our list of places to visit. A fine series of pictures. Love the lights on your hotel room wall!

Diane AZ said...

What a beautiful city. You had a lovely view of Tivoli from your hotel. And, those were some delightful lights on the wall of your room.

Cildemer said...

Hello again!
Thanks a lot for your visit and membership;o)

Have a beautiful weekend*******

ps: I love the intense colour of the fountain in fire!

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