Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Wonders of Tanzania, Africa

Breakfast is served in the Serengeti. After a hot air balloon ride, we had a champagne breakfast served by waiters who were dressed in the traditional clothes of Zanzibar, a Tanzanian island in the Indian Ocean that is Arabic in architecture and other traditions, such as his outfit.
Two gazelles are nose to nose as they measured their distance while butting heads to try to exert dominance. During our photo safari, we rode in large jeeps with hatches on the roof so we could stand up and take photos of wildlife. I took this with a telephoto, of course, but we wer about 30 meters from these gazelles.
Like the gazelles, these hippos were testing each other to exert dominance. Hippos are the second largest land animal, after the elephant. They are mean and people stay away from them. They spend their days in a river or pond, then at night the roam and forage, sometimes as much as 5 - 6 miles (8 - 10 km) in an evening.
This is a vervet monkey, although he has darker fur than the typical vervet. They live in groups of 10 - 50, mostly adult females and their young. Adult males travel from group to group, but the females will cooperative care for the young in family groupings.
This batik cloth caught the morning sunlight at one of the tented camp lodges where we stayed on our photo safari.
Zebras were one of our favorite animals to watch. We were in Tanzania in February, which was about a month or so after the birthing season for zebras. This young zebra took quite a while to stand up after repeated nudging from his mother, then he nursed moments after I took this photo.
We enjoyed walking around some Tanzanian villages. THe people were beautiful, and our guides arranged for their consent to be photographed, often for a small gratuity. This woman was particularly stately and elegant.


Cezar and Léia said...

wow Julie, your pictures amaze me!
Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!
wow Tanzania, c'est magnifique!

JM said...

Great photo selection! Serengeti is awesome but what I most enjoyed in northern Tanzania was the unbeliavable Ngorongoro Crater! Have you been there too?

brattcat said...

Another captivating and unique series of images. Each week I feel such gratitude for the places you take us, for the people, places, and things you show us. Thank you. said...

I agree with you about the Ngorongoro Crater. It is a magical experience to be high on the rim and watch the clouds drift in and out and expose different parts of the crater below, with the lake accented by the large flocks of flamingoes, etc. Julie and I compared it to the feeling of watching the clouds drift over Machu Piccchu.

The experience of staying in a lodge where such a scene exposes itself from the window of the room where we stayed is an experience that we discussed in comparison to the view out of our room at the Perito Moreno glacier (where I know you have been).

We put Ngorongoro Crater in the same class as those highlights of travel.

The photos of the gazelles and zebras in this series were taken inside the Ngorongoro Crater. I think Julie has some more photos from Tanzania planned to post in the near future.

glenda said...

Your pictures are amazing! The animals look like they were waiting for you to come by and take their picture. Seeing the zebra and baby so soon after birth was pretty lucky!

Memphis MOJO said...

I think Julie has some more photos from Tanzania planned to post in the near future.

And I can't wait.

Joanne said...

This trip is definately one of the top trips to do, I loved the Tanzania trip I did, these pictures are a trip down memory lane:) I love the last one of the lady, the fabrics are just gorgeous.

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